Some adorable words that reflect your personality and are ral fun to set as a cell phone signature

I though I’d send you something “very special” this weekend
but the postman ask me to get out of the postbox :-(
now you tell how can i give you something that means real special to you.

I love watching all the stars in the sky
but they’re really nothing when i see stars in your eyes!

Famous people talk about famous things
common people talk about common things
but cute people dont talk
they send sms ;-)

1st line 2 b written in exams:
‘‘All the answers written below are imaginary and work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to the text book is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Rab e jahan ne maa ko ye azmat kamal di,
is ki dua ne ayi musibat bhi taal di.
QURAN mein maa k pyar ki is ne misaal di,
janat utha k maa k kadmon mein daal di.     mother